Breed Coin is a collection of 46,600 limited edition luxury NFT Coins of pedigree and popular mixed breeds of dogs.
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Mr Gizmo The Pug

President of Breedcoin

Star of Vision Direct, Nissan and Boomerang

About Us Launches Worlds First Pedigree & Mixed Breed Dogs NFT Collection Soon. is launching the Worlds first-ever digital collection of dogs. It is a prestige series of 46,600 beautifully designed digital dog breed coins that will launch soon.

It is a celebration of all the Worlds best dog breeds, from Afghan Hounds to Yorkshire Terriers, from Shar Peis to Shih Tzus, and they will be represented on a unique minted NFT. The collection will also include several new trending designer dog breeds, like the labradoodle, cockapoo and schnoodle, which have become hugely popular in the past ten years.

Every breed will have its own specially designed circular coin, with an engraved illustration of the breed alongside its name, year/ country of origin and coin number. Each breed will come in three colour options of 24 Karat Gold, 22 Karat Rose Gold or Sterling Silver. Pricing will be announced soon.

The 24 Karat Gold and 22 Karat Rose Gold coins will have the illustration embossed with an added stunning diamond relief effect.

Pre-registration has already begun; customers need to register their interest in the sale beforehand to be selected for the whitelist only sale.

Breed Coin is a fantastic opportunity for dog lovers worldwide to take ownership of their favourite breed. This eminently collectable item will be the ultimate envy of dog owners. offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have ownership of the breed that dog lovers hold most dear and collect a beautiful digital asset which is likely to appreciate value.

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We have a variety of 233 breeds and there are only 100 silver, 50 gold and 50 rose gold NFTs for each breed of dog.


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